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Studies on Lubrication Behavior of 35c8 Steel Using Ring Compression Test and Finite Element Simulation

In the metal-forming process, friction plays a significant role in determining the life of the tool, the formability of the material and the quality of the finished product. Excessive friction leads to heat generation, wear, pick-up and galling of the tool surface. In this study, The friction coefficients of different lubricating conditions, viz., graphite in hydraulic oil, graphite in furnace oil, DF 150 (Graphite, Water-Based) die lubricant and dry or without any lubrication were obtained from the ring compression test for the commercial medium carbon steel. The geometry of the ring compression test specimen has been prepared in the ratio of outer-diameter: inner-diameter: height: 6:3:2. A Finite Element simulation has been conducted to validate the results and to evaluate material deformation, geometric changes and load–displacement etc. The simulation results presented an excellent agreement with the experimental results. Index Terms— Friction, Lubrication, Ring compression test, Simulaion.