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Review on Application of Robotic Arm in Medical Field With Special Focus on CT Image Guided Biopsies

Medical and engineering are two very different fields of study or so is the general misconception. This review paper aims on reviewing the researches and advances done in medical field by engineers. Specially the use of robotics to improvise and simplify the treatment, diagnosis, surgery and other medical procedures. Use of robots in medical field has been increasing since there has been a lot of successful and less painful surgeries using robotic expertise. This paper also reviews researches and advances in robotic field such as different techniques in solution of inverse kinematics of a robot, various designs and analysis of different robots and control of a robotic arm. At the end, this review paper compares our current research on CT image guided robotic arm for biopsy of tumor and cancer tissue cells with previous researches and mentions how our research will further help medical field in diagnostics. Hence this review paper gives in depth review about the use and success of robotic technology in Medical field and also about advances in the field of robotics and compares them with our current research on robotic arm for medical diagnostic intervention. Index Terms— Medical robots, Solution of inverse kinematics, control of robotic arm, CT image guided robotic arm.