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Development of Plastic Filament Extruder For 3D-Printing

Plastic filament extruder produces plastic filaments of specified diameter by using corresponding dies. Input materials (thermoplastics) used is in the form of granules and pellets and it can be of waste plastic materials. Ceramic band heater is used to melt the input material. Barrel screw is used to feed the input raw materials longitudinally along the screw. Screw consist of three zones namely feed, melt, and transition zone. Input raw material is melted by using ceramic band heater for . Two barrel heaters and one die heater is used to acquire maximum efficiency. Analog temperature controller is used to control the temperature of the three heaters. Die used extrudes the filament at the diameter of 3mm. Diameter of the filament can be further reduced by using DC-motor to draw the filament coming out of the die. Production can be further increased by increasing the barrel diameter above 65mm and screw diameter above 60mm. Mechanical and thermal properties can be increased by adding fillers to the input raw material. Index Terms— Extruder screw, Extruder barrel, Die head, Reduction gearbox.