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Parametric Optimization And Cost Estimation Of Aa6061 Weldments In Friction Stir Welding

Abstract— Friction stir welding (FSW) process is an emerging solid state joining technique which is widely being used in industries to produce high quality product with less cost and time constraints. To achieve these goals, the major FSW process parameter such as axial force, rotational speed and transverse speed play a major role in determining the weld quality. In this experimental work, an efficient optimization model has been developed to achieve optimal weld parameters with desired quality and cost. Also the effects of process parameters on mechanical properties of weld joint were discussed. To solve such a multi-objective optimization problem, Taguchi method coupled with utility theory was used. A methodology for comparison and selection of parameters on their Quality performance using Analytic hierarchy Process (AHP) approach also included and identified the critical factors and co-factors to quantify the parameters of friction stir welding. The AHP model covers broad areas of quality, cost, performance and satisfaction. The model includes the response parameters like Tensile strength, Hardness and Cost.