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Process Optimization By Using Shainin Six Sigma Tools And Techniques – A Case Study In Manufacturing Industrey

Abstract - Process optimization is one of the critical tasks at assembly line of engine. Now a day manufacturing industries are facing the problem of high rejection rate. If the process is running with high variation of required parameter then definitely rejection will occur. In manufacturing industry, Shainin six sigma methodology is highly adopted because of lesser data collection to achieve the target. The Shainin System (SS) is the name given to a problem solving system, with its associated strategies and tools widely used and promoted in the manufacturing sector. In the present work, DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) has been used to reduce the number of engine rejection at hot testing of it. In define phase problem was defined by selecting the core issues concerned. In the measure phase data was collected to determine the current performance and the process capability. During Analyzing phase root causes of engine rejection were identified. In the improvement phase solutions were arrived at and finally in the control phase various tools were implemented for tracking the process and putting it under control. This paper includes case study on the optimization of tappet setting defects of water cooled engine at in process verification through Shainin design of experiment (DOE) and six sigma methodology.