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Investigation And Analysis Of Metal Casting Defects And Defect Reduction By Using Quality Control Tools

Abstract- Casting has various processes like Pre casting Processes, pattern making, core making, molding and mold assembly making, Casting Processes, furnace charging, melting, holding and pouring, and Post casting Processes, shakeout, inspection and dispatch etc. In India there are many foundry have followed conventional and manual operations. Today’s competitive environment has, lower manufacturing cost, more productivity in less time, high quality product, defect free operation are required to follow to every foundryman. Mold shifting, Crushing, Lower Surface finish, Shrinkage, Porosity, Cold shut and Extra material are common casting defects due to these manual operations. These defects directly affect on productivity, profitability and quality level of organization. In this paper all data presented is taken from one foundry. This paper presents all data of manual metal casting operations and defects leads to rejection for this organization. The paper also represents analysis of these defects with Pareto and Cause and Effect diagrams to know correct cause and correct remedial factors to improve quality level and productivity of organization.