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Performance Modelling and Availability Analysis of Leaf Spring Manufacturing Industry

This paper discusses the performance modelling and availability analysis of Leaf Spring Manufacturing Industry. Here we consider three states of various components; good, reduced and failed. The failure and repair rates of each subsystem are assumed to be constant and statistically independent .Mathematical formulation of the system is done with the help of Markov Birth-Death process. The various differential equations have been derived from State Transition Diagram. After that steady state probabilities are determined by using various combinations of failure and repair rates. Based upon various performance level in terms of availability are obtained in decision matrices. Steady state availability has been derived using probabilistic approach with the help of Markov Birth-Death process. The model developed helps in the operation and quantitative management of various maintenance decision and preventive actions. The findings of this paper are thus found to be useful in the analysis of availability and determination of the best possible maintenance strategies which can be implemented in future to enhance the system performance. Keywords - Availability Analysis, Markov Process, Performance Modelling, Steady State Availability.