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Analysis of Torayca1000g Fiber Composite Spur Gear

Abstract-To design the spur gear to study the weight reduction and stress distribution for composite materials. Gearing is one of the most critical components in a mechanical power transmission system, and in most industrial rotating machinery. It is possible that gears will predominate as the most effective means of transmitting power in future machines due to their high degree of reliability and compactness. In addition, the rapid shift in the industry from heavy industries such as Aerospace industries, Automobile manufacture and office Automation tools will necessitate a refined application of gear technology. To design spur gear model using designs software as CATIA V5R19 and Ansys 11.0 software for analyzing purpose. To study the meshing impacts analysis for composite materials and cast steel. To study the torque loading for cast steel and composite materials. Finally, comparing and analyzing of the composite gear with existing cast steel gear is to be done. Index Terms— Composite fiber, Spur Gear, TORAYCA1000G Fiber, Voin Failure theory.