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Study on Stiffness of Cylindrical Roller Bearings Under Combined Radial and Moment Loads

This study investigated the effect of combined radial and moment loads on the stiffness of cylindrical roller bearings (CRBs). First, a general four degrees of freedom CRB model was presented that was applicable for a wide range of loading, radial clearance, and rotational speed. The model provided a fully-occupied stiffness matrix, the contact load between rolling elements and races, and inner ring displacements. Model verification was made by comparing the estimated bearing stiffness under pure radial load with that from a commercial program. Then, simulations were performed for the CRB under various radial and moment loads. Analysis of bearing performance was carried out with an emphasis on the bearing stiffness behavior under the effects of combined loading. Numerical results showed that, without moment load, the bearing stiffness increases with the increase of radial loading. The combined radial and moment loads introduced a nonlinear stiffness behavior. However, this nonlinearity tended to reduce with increasing moment load. Index Terms- Combined loads, cylindrical roller bearing, displacement, simulation, stiffness.