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Leakage Detection in Dam and Reservoir Using Optical Fiber Cable Sensor (FOCS) Based on Active Method

—internal erosion is one of the main reasons of dams and dikes collapses. Progress of the erosion process is linked to the change of different parameters such as porous medium, especially because of its hydraulic parameters. The goal of this paper is to develop the possibility of leakages detection by fiber optics as well as the identification of the soil moisture according to active method (with heat)). This fiber gives the possibility to follow temporally the temperature profile along the dam. Using the innovative monitoring systems which is fiber optic, one we deployed the principal advantage of fiber optic sensor is distributed measurement along their length with fine resolution and over long distance, making it extremely useful for monitoring dikes and dam. So, considering that the principal suitable method for analyzing the acquired data have been developed to serve either as early warning or long or long term monitoring system based on the data from real Site (Yangpeoung Reservoir. South Korea). As well as this paper demonstrate the validation of this technology, the leakage pathology practically based on the detection and the study of qualitative estimation of leakages through embankment dams. The proposed method use natural temperature measurements from the ground using optical fiber under the upstream or downstream face. The model of estimation ofquantity of water content used for this paper is the active method developed and tested data from site experimental and a real site. Keywords- leakage; dams; dikes; FOCS; monitoring; active method