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Multiple Responses Process Parameters Optimization of Turning AL-TICp Metal Matrix Composites

This investigation is proposed to investigate the Machining response of Al-TiCP metal matrix composites. Aluminum alloy is considered as a matrix metal composite. The reinforcing phase considered is TiCP Metal matrix composites will be fabricated using stir casting techniques. The number of process parameters considered in this investigation is spindle speed, Feed rate, Depth of cut grain size of TiCP and cutting tool material. Experiments will be planned and conducted according to DOE (Design of Experiments).The machining responses considered are surface roughness, cutting force, cutting power & tool wear. In order to predict the output responses within the range of process parameters modeling will be done using response surface methodology and artificial intelligence systems viz. Fuzzy logic / Neural Networks; Grey relational analysis is used for optimization of multiple response characteristics. Finally analysis of variance and confirmation test will be done in next step to validate the developed models. Keywords – Stir Casting, Machining, Optimization.