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Investigation On Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of Similar, Dissimilar Metal Weld Joints By Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Abstract- This study aims to evaluate and compare the mechanical and metallurgical properties of similar and dissimilar metal weld joints between duplex stainless steel/duplex stainless steel and duplex stainless steel/corten-A steel by gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process. Plates of 2 mm thickness of duplex stainless steel, conforming to grade AISI 2205 and high strength low alloy steel conforming to grade ASTM A242 Corten-A were butt welded using gas tungsten arc welding with argon as shielding gas. Electrode conforming to specification E 309L was used as filler metal. The joints were evaluated for microstructure and mechanical properties. Tensile, Bend, and Hardness tests were carried out to evaluate the mechanical properties. Micro structure was examined with optical microscopy. Micro examination of the weld region revealed dendritic grains of austenite with ferrite. The structure was free from sigma, intermetallic phases and other precipitates in similar metal. Micro examination of the weld region revealed dendritic structure in dissimilar metal.