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Automatic high R.P.M. Machine

Abstract- This paper intends to give proposal, reasoning and quantifiable result of an AUTOMATIC HIGH R.P.M. MACHINE which can be used to obtain very high rpm. A very low constant rpm is given to the machine as input and after some time as output a very high rpm is obtained. The output may be of quiet high RPM, but it has very low torque. Epicyclic gear train is used with three planet gears one sun gear. A crank and slotted lever assembly is also mounted on the top of Epicyclic gear train to automate and precipitate the process. A ratchet and pawl assembly is playing a very critical role in transferring only the allowed motion in high RPM machine friction is needs to be as low as possible this machine can be solution for very high RPM requirements when cost of such high RPM motor is prohibitive. Motion study in solidworks is also in the scope of this paper