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Development of Economic Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Machine

The use of organic fertilizer forms the backbone & basic necessity of a poor farmer. The traditional methods of using chemical fertilizers are not sufficient & satisfactory for increasing productivity of crop and to maintain the fertility of soil. Whereas the chemical fertilizers are more costly in market, so it becomes difficult for poor farmers to purchase it. Organic fertilizer manufacturing machine solves these problems. The raw material is introduced in hopper and further it is mixed with the help of stirrer. This mixture is then passed to another large sized agitation vessel where it is kept for decomposition for about 24 hours. When this mixture is completely decomposed further through filtration fertilizer is separated. In this way, this machine prepares fertilizer within 24 hours. A fertilizer manufacturing machine serves for various problems like moving from one place to another, requires less space & is less bulky as compared to the existing bulky machines. It also helps the farmers to start small business thereby making them self-dependent. Design & development of the machine is done taking into consideration various needs of farmers. Keywords - Organic fertilizer, Productivity, agitation, Decomposition, filtration, Design