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Effect of Boron Carbide Particulates Reinforcement on Physical, Mechanical, Thermo-Mechanical and Wear Properties of Zamak-5 Alloy Composite Material

The objective of the present work is to investigate the physical, mechanical, thermo-mechanical and dry sliding wear properties of Boron Carbide(B4C) particulates reinforced ZAMAK-5 alloy composite material. Composite material was prepared by stirring-melt casting technique in which boron carbide particulates were introduced into the vortex formed by mechanical stirring of molten ZAMAK-5 alloy. Experiments were carried out to measure the density, hardness, flexural strength, thermal stability, glass transition temperature and dry sliding wear properties of the prepared composites. It was observed that maximum density, hardness and Glass transition temperature was found for 8% B4C reinforced composite, maximum flexural strength for 4% B4C reinforcement and highest thermal stability for 4% B4C reinforcement. Wear resistance of base alloy was found to improve with incorporation of B4C particle reinforcement. Index Terms - ZAMAK-5, Boron carbide particulate, Composite, TGA, DMA, Wear.