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Design of Leaning Attachment

Mistake isn’t an exception from a small kid to our beautiful Mother Nature. Because of these mistakes there exit a number of people with wide variety of abilities and inabilities. This includes the ones who can’t walk, talk, see,and hear and so on. Not that these people do not perform their daily chores or can’t do things, they perform all the tasks, but quite differently from the population of people who are said to be normal! Thus we refer these who are physically challenged as the ‘Differently abled’. People who can’t walk, move around the walk able distances with the use some aids like the wheelchair, walking stick etc. and their locomotion for a distances that aren’t walk able are presently being done with the use of the attachment with two extra wheels that are attached to the rear part of the vehicle that they ride. But these attachments have a lot of disadvantages in it apart from the only advantage that it relieves the rider from the act of balancing the vehicle. Thus the concept of ‘Leaning Attachment’ was developed which is named after its functionality of leaning. It is an attachment that could be fit to any commercially available mopeds with slight modifications. This fits to the front part of the chassis, replacing the single front wheel and thus converting the two wheeler moped to a leaning reverse trike.