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Flow Visualization Studies on Relaminarization Using Coiled Tube, Accelerated Duct

Two among the most discussed forms of occurrences of the phenomenon of Relaminarization which are the cylinder and wound tube with dye in flow examination and in an accelerated duct of a multi-element aerofoil is been tried to showcase here with affirmative stands on its possibility through various parameter adjustments as well as testing underwent with the miniature module of the Accelerated Duct in a multi-element aerofoil in comparison. The occurrences of this phenomenon is recorded through various types of observations and found to be possibly created artificially. Since Laminar flow is highly ordered and can cause a steep increase in efficiency in comparison to turbulent flows, Efforts are made to put this into mainstream duct designing which can cause an increment in the overall efficiency. Keywords - Relaminarization, Accelerated Duct, Coiled Tube,