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Object Oriented Finite Element Analysis of Thermal Expansion Behavior of Metal Matrix Composites

Object oriented finite element method (OOFEM) is used to investigate the thermal expansion behavior of SiC reinforced Aluminum matrix composites. Two-dimensional (2D) microstructures for composites with 55% and 70% SiC volume contents dispersed in aluminum alloy matrix are constructed from the microscopic images of the composite samples. The capability of OOFEM, to work through the actual microstructure, is combined with Abaqus, to study the effect of plastic deformation on composite behavior. The SiC constituent is assumed to behave as linearly elastic solid, while the aluminum constituent is modeled as an elastic–plastic solid with material parameters varying with temperatures. The thermo-elastic models of Kerner & Turner are also used to predict the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE).The CTE of metal-matrix composites is significantly influenced by the presence of voids & plastic deformation of matrix. The thermal stresses resulting due to the CTE mismatch of constituents of composites are analyzed by plotting the stress contours. Keywords - Finite Element Method, Thermal Expansion Behavior, Metal Matrix Composites.