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An Effectual CBHDAP Protocol for Gray Hole and Black Hole Attack Detection in the Company of Queuing Technique CBCRTQ for Traffic Management in MANET

Open medium, absence of centralized monitoring point and dynamic topology are various features of MANET. Beside all this, gray hole and black hole are few security attacks in MANET. Here we are going to describe an efficient Crypto-key based Black Hole Detection and Avoidance Protocol (CBHDAP). It generates a group key using Diffie-Hellman key generation algorithm. Then, the generated key is forwarded to the authenticated group members. Before initiating the actual transmission, validation of nodes in the route is done with this key. Various parameters considered in this protocol are Route Reply (RREP), Packet Delivery Ration (PDR) and hop count. To validate the efficiency of this protocol, it is compared with existing protocols. In Ad hoc network, nodes travel liberally and separately to be in touch with others from side to side wireless relations, which is represented as bunch of clusters by combining nodes in near proximity with one another. This free movement increases the traffic overhead, so Queuing is one of the important mechanisms in traffic organization. Class Based Cluster Round Trip Queue (CBCRTQ) is an algorithm used for selection of cluster head, which might be used to direct packets in the cluster. Load balancing is done with this technique to manage traffic. Keywords - MANET; Gray hole and Black hole attack; CBHDAP; Key exchange; Traffic management; CBCRTQ