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Paper Title :
Deformation Characteristics of Lime Stabilized Peat Soil using Finite Element Method

Author :Zuhayr Md Ghazaly, Muhammed Z. A Melhem, Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim, Zul-Atfi Ismail, Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki, Zulkarnain Hassan, Nur Fitriah Isa, Nadhirah Mohd Zambri

Article Citation :Zuhayr Md Ghazaly ,Muhammed Z. A Melhem ,Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim ,Zul-Atfi Ismail ,Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki ,Zulkarnain Hassan ,Nur Fitriah Isa ,Nadhirah Mohd Zambri , (2018 ) " Deformation Characteristics of Lime Stabilized Peat Soil using Finite Element Method " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 46-50, Volume-6,Issue-2

Abstract : Peat soil exists in various parts in the world and it's known as problematic soil because it has high compressibility and low shear strength which is not suitable for construction. Removing the soil and replace it with another type is not feasible as well as it's costly. Therefore, an agent material should be used for soil improvement to increase the shear strength and reduce the settlement. Soil stabilization by lime is a cheap and common method that has been used for ground improvement. This paper presents a study on peat stabilization with the objective to improve the stability of soft soil by increasing the shear strength and reduce settlement with lime. Peat soil sample were taken from Taman Melati, Perlis and have been treated and tested with different percentages of lime. The changes in soil properties were compared with untreated peat samples. Plaxis software analysis showed that with the increase of percentages of lime, the deformation of treated peat soil can be reduce. Keywords - Peat soil, shear strength, soil stabilization, lime

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-6,Issue-2


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| Published on 2018-04-13
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