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Integration of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Technology in The Information Technology Education (Ite) Curricula of Studies

Author :Marifel Grace Capili-Kummer, Dit

Article Citation :Marifel Grace Capili-Kummer ,Dit , (2020 ) " Integration of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Technology in The Information Technology Education (Ite) Curricula of Studies " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 1-6, Volume-8,Issue-5

Abstract : This study determined the features of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology which can be integrated in the Information Technology Education (ITE), and the skills needed to ensure the program relevance and responsiveness to the requirements of the workplace in the 21st century. A systematic literature review was conducted. There were 75 literatures identified and upon application of the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 20 qualified. Data extraction used was a matrix and content analysis were used to group the data. Based on the analytical review. The skills needed skills by the millennial generation in the 21st century are: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, collaboration, emotional intelligence, decision making, mindset in an organization, negotiation, and cognitive flexibility. The AI technology that will be integrated in the ITE curriculum with respond to the need of the millennial generation are: machine learning, neural network, deep learning, cognitive computing, computer vision and natural language processing. The study recommends for the realignment of the ITE curriculum to ensure the preparation of IT graduates who are equipped with the necessary IT and work skills that they need for survival in the 21st century. ITE needs to embrace tools and curricula that will integrate AI in order to prepare students for 21st century education and career success. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology Education, Technology Integration

Type : Research paper

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| Published on 2020-07-14
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