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Paper Title :
Review on Cooling Systems in Lithium Battery Thermal Management Systems

Author :Yifan Chen, Zhong Hu

Article Citation :Yifan Chen ,Zhong Hu , (2023 ) " Review on Cooling Systems in Lithium Battery Thermal Management Systems " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 1-6, Volume-11,Issue-6

Abstract : In recent years, electric vehicles (EVs), as the fastest-growing new energy vehicles, have attracted much attention for their energy storage methods. Among them, lithium batteries (LiBs) are the most favored by automakers. LiBs with high energy storage density tend to generate more heat during operation. In EVs, the batteries are arranged in a battery pack (BP), and the arrangement space is small, making it difficult to dissipate heat. Therefore, designing a reliable battery thermal management system (BTMS) has become the focus of the safe development of automotive batteries. BTMS is designed to optimize the temperature change of the battery during the discharge process and reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion of the vehicle caused by a short circuit of the battery. This paper reviews the battery cooling systems in BTMs and different cooling methods in a battery thermal management system, the choice of cooling medium, and the configuration and design of a BP battery/module arrangement, and the latest research results for each cooling method are summarized. It was found that a single cooling method can perform well if an appropriate cooling method and cooling medium (high thermal conductive materials) are developed. The combination of appropriate multiple cooling methods can achieve a better balance of cost and effect. Keywords - Battery Pack Cooling Systems, Battery Thermal Management Systems (BTMSs), Electrical Vehicles (EVs), Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs).

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-11,Issue-6


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| Published on 2023-10-19
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