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Obino (Onet Binomial Nomenclature)

This research is to develop interaction between Onet Game users with easy to understand the Binomial Nomenclature (BI) form OBINO (Onet Binomial Nomenclature) in supported education applicable. OBINO an android application that integrated with used Artificial Intelligence (AI) educational game can used to increase the storage capacity in the human visual memory in relation to understand the BI. OBINO expected to obtained as an integrated education game app on smartphone as a media support learners and knowledge of public understand BI. This application is expected to used extensively by the community so that new alternative to use of technology in education and future. This research is RnD, developed the Onet Game as a study learning. When the application is completed, next to installed application on smartphone. The final step included a functional check to determine whether all the available fatures to function properly based on methods of AI game applications. Index Terms- Artificial Intelligence, Binomial Nomenclature, Onet Game, Smartphone