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HCFRMS: Component Manager Module For Resource Management Of Heterogeneous Cloud Platforms

Information as a service (IaaS) does not provide an integrated resource management function for several cloud platforms. For integrated resource monitoring, we need to develop a monitoring system that can manage the resources of each platform, such as a heterogeneous cloud federation monitoring system (HCFRMS) or a cloud brokerage service. Accordingly, in a previous study, four modules-component manager (CM), aggregator manager (AM), registry manager (RM), and slice manager (SM) of HCFRMS-of an SFA-based cloud federation monitoring system for integrating heterogeneous cloud platform services were proposed. Of the four modules, the CM module that fetches the physical and logical resources of a service provider depending on the heterogeneous cloud platform was designed in this study to directly check the resource distribution and management through a real-time monitoring of the resource status of each cloud platform and check the resource information of the cluster and the host in which the cloud platform is installed.