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IOT based Vein Pattern Identification and Heart Rate Monitor

Identifying veins for an operator or nurses during venipuncture is a difficult task. If it is not performed properly, it may cause pain, blood clot or can lead to severe harmful injuries. The major problem faced by doctors or nurses is identifying veins for IV drug delivery and other medical situations. To avoid this, we propose a system to identify vein patterns efficiently and make it available for commercial use for less cost. This project is implemented based on the Near Infrared Imaging (NIR) and image processing techniques to focus only on vein patterns. This system along with vein pattern identification also helps doctors or nurses to check vital signs of patients and generate report. These data are stored and analyzed in Cloud and the results are displayed real-time using a DLP Pico Projector. An android app is used to connect with the cloud storage and retrieve the results or reports. Keywords - Venipuncture, Near Infrared Imaging (NIR), Pulse Rate, Vein Patterns