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Home Automation using RPi/Arduino

High-speed mobile network coverage such as 3G, 4G and Long-Term Evolution combined with the mobile industry has seen enormous growth in terms of offering cheaper and more available smartphones. At the hands of the people, different services and applications are available. IoT has undertaken emerging technology with evolving automation and digitalization technologies. This project deals with IoT and how it can be used by Raspberry Pi/Arduino for the implementation of smart home automation. Since consumers are passionate about electronic goods such as cell phones, smart watches, smart lighting, and so forth, we believe that there is a huge demand for IoT-based products in India. The home appliance industry can be pioneered by IoT. By automating appliances and machines, power resource misuse can be minimised. This device consists of a smart phone along with a website with descriptions of the home appliances under ON and OFF conditions. We will focus on developing an IoT-integrated application/website that would allow us to monitor airconditioner units by maintaining a fixed room temperature according to the consumer while adapting to atmospheric changes. Smart phones are connected to a Raspberry Pi/Arduino via Wi-Fi with the IP address of Raspberry Pi/Arduino. The Internet of Things (IoT) is among the most core strategies that can be used via an IP address to link, monitor and manage intelligent objects linked to the Internet. The user-friendly wireless application is handy along with its various applications and its performance is lifestyle changing. Keywords - IOT, Automation, Smart-Home, User-Friendly.