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Computer Vision based Hand Gesture Recognition for Deaf and Dumb People: A Survey

Deafness and dumbness has always been a major problem. There must be a way to communicate with such people in a proper and appropriate manner. In that case hand gestures are a great tool to communicate and transfer our message to these people. More or less a lot of research and findings have been done in this area to provide the deaf and dumb people a way to communicate among themselves or with normal people. Every day we tend to see several disabled folks like deaf, dumb and blind etc. They face problem to act with others. Around four million of individuals in Bharat square measure deaf and around ten million of individuals in Bharat square measure dumb. and that they use sign language to speak with one another and traditional people. however traditional folks realize it tough to know the sign language and gesture created by deaf and dumb folks. So there square measure several techniques which might be wont to convert the sign language created by the disables into the form(such as text,voice etc) which might be understood by the conventional folks.In this paper, we review and provide a summary of different researches undertaken in the area of sign language recognition. Keywords - Hearing disability, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Sign language recognition.