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Modern Android Based Secure Chat Application Using Firebase

With the growth in internet users communication through the internet is becoming more convenient these days. An online chat application allows communication from different locations. Considering this the application must also be able to send data and communicate in a faster way and provide modern day features. Firebase is one such platform which provides backend services such as cloud storage, real time database, authentication processes and many more services which help to develop an application with ease. Android on the other hand provides a better platform for application development then IOS platform. The application should also be able to provide certain features providing user data privacy is one of them. The aim of this paper is to identify the problems with the existing chat application, identify the existing needs and provide a solution where users can communicate with each other using the internet and share data in a more secure and safe way using firebase as backend server, android platform for application development and aes256 encryption algorithm for data encryption and provide additional features including text translation and image optical character recognition. Keywords - Firebase, Aes256 encryption Algorithm, Chatting, Android, Secure Application, Google vision, firebase ml Translate.