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The Effects of Weak Authentication towards Data Privacy in NOSQL Databases

Abstract - NoSQL databases have become more popular and preferable in modern data architecture. It has become a powerful way to store data in a specialized format that yields fast performance for a large amount of data. NoSQL databases are designed for modern web-scale databases. Although, nowadays, it is used to handle big data and many real-time web applications. They can handle enormous amount of unstructured data and structured data. As a result, developers will be able to be more nimble. NoSQL database developers, for example, may deploy code updates more quickly than relational database developers. However, security remains a very difficult issue even with NoSQL databases, as the security concerns inherent in previous databases have not been resolved in NoSQL. The most common example is that their password storage mechanism is weak, meaning it can be decrypted easily. This means that NoSQL databases have weaknesses and one of them is authentication weakness. This paper evaluates how strong the authentication aspect towards different kinds of attacks on a NoSQL database. Keywords - NoSQL; Security; Evaluation; Privacy; Authentication; Database