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Conceptual Design of a Data Warehouse for Cash Management and Forecasting in Public Finance – Albanian Case

The application of information technology has grown significantly in every business area, from simple to more advanced and complex applications, supporting every business operation. Many scientific researchers have focused on using information technology to support decision-making processes. Our research paper is focused on a specific area of public finance: cash management and forecasting. In our research, we will present a conceptual design of a data warehouse that will be used as the core of a sophisticated system for improving cash management and forecast in the Government of Albania. The data warehouse will be designed in such a way to allow application of Business Intelligence tools, such as Online Analytical Processing and data mining for performing query and reporting, complex financial analysis, predictive analysis and support decision making, that are crucial for the management and forecast of the cash flow. During our research we will analyze the sources of data, the architecture of the data warehouse and propose a multidimensional model as the best solution to accomplish our task. Another advantage of the designed data warehouse is the further extension for additional financial processes and analysis. Keywords - Cash management and forecasting, Data warehouse, Information system, Multidimensional model.