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Cloud Security: Adoption of Differential Fault Analysis on Aes Encryption Algorithm for Data Transmission based Fuzzy Intrusion Detection System

To handle a large scale administrative control of data security in cloud, a new hybrid encryption based intrusion detection system model has been proposed in this paper. Our proposed IDS handle large flow of data packets, analyze them and generate reports by integrating knowledge and behavior analysis to detect intrusions. DFA attacks on AES key schedule has been used to generate encryption keys for data that increases security in end to end transmission. The algorithms used for encrypted/decrypted data are required for cloud computing, which will maintain the confidentiality of the data. In addition, fuzzy based rule generation are to detect attacks and protect data/ application in cloud. Performance of this IDS system is evaluated for various sizes of text files, on the basis of encryption/decryption processing time and memory. The cloud based IDS security levels has also been analysed and compared with other existing encryption techniques. Keyword - Cloud Security, Intrusion Detection System, Differential Fault Analysis, Advanced Encryption Standard, Fuzzy Logic.