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Study on Food Growth Analysis using Big Data

The project will be implemented using the platform JAVA, Big Data and My SQL. An option will be created which will give all the information regarding the food growth analysis. Furthermore each and every retailer and distributor can use the software for maintaining the stock. We are going to develop a software which will help to find what actual grain production is and accordingly will be distributed to all the wholesalers and retailers.It will calculate how much grains and food is produced and what is reached to retailers. Hence, according to survey we will come to know what quantity of food is left, so the left food is used for import and export. The food growth supply in India is decreasing day by day. The grains which are produced are not meeting the acceptance of customer even retailer shops don’t have the information regarding the stock management. The project will be helping in managing, distributing and surveying the stock. Keywords - Big Data, SQL , Java, Web Development Languages