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Issues and Challenges in Software Quality Prediction using Soft Computing Techniques

Software quality Prediction is area of research where we extract the inherent code attributes to study its impact on software quality attributes using range of techniques to know effectiveness of a particular method. Software quality analysis and prediction focuses on detecting high-risk program modules, allowing practitioners to allocate project resources strategically [1]. It is quite beneficial for testers, developers and project managers to know the modules which are highly risky and fault prone for strategic decisions. However, due to versatility of software, various programming approaches, languages and different platforms it is always challenging to devise standard heuristics and method which is applicable to each type of software. Starting from definition of Software Quality, selection of code attributes for the purpose, selection of method, data sets to test and standardize the outcome is quite challenging. Adoption of agile methodology, cloud oriented developments, mobile developments brings more challenges of quality professionals. The purpose of this paper is to outline the issues, challenges, state of the art and find the gap in research work done in the past. Keywords - Software Quality, Software Quality Model, Software Product Quality, Software Quality Prediction, Soft Computing Techniques Introduction.