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Simulation Model for Crop Diversification in Indian Punjab

The ideal utilize of soils is the premise of all types of economical land utilize, that is, farming area utilize that remaining parts profitable in the long haul. There are numerous advantages of an ideal utilization of soils, for example, a reduction of provincial destitution, watershed insurance, expanded biodiversity, and more supportable agrarian creation. Maintainable agrarian soil utilize requires making the land accessible for cultivating as gainful as could be expected under the circumstances while considering the ecological effect of the development procedure. Under regular conditions, soils present synthetic confinements for crop improvement. Diversified crop models are used to find out the suitable soil for the good production of the crop. As indicated by the prerequisites of products to be developed, it is regular to modify soil concoction qualities, changing the amount of supplements and acidity through fertilizing and liming, making profitable agribusiness conceivable however if farmer is going to select the soil according to the crop requirement then no need to add extra fertilizers which will reduce the production cost. The model proposed by author will help to select the optimal crop according to the soil components. Keywords - Simulation, Crop, Model, Diversification, Soil