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Enhancement of Security Issues in Cloud Computing using Honey Encryption Technique

The ideal consequence of this paper is to learn distinctive security issues of disseminated computing (cloud computing) and a short time later discussion about a hybrid encryption framework which incorporates Honey Encryption/Decryption Algorithms(Distribution Transforming Encoders) for encryption and interpreting of data The Goal of this paper is to research and survey the most noteworthy security frameworks for data affirmation in disseminated computing. I am cheerful that another procedure called "Honey Encryption" will deter software engineers by introducing fake data for each mixed up guess of the key code. Keywords - Asymmetric Encryption, Distribution Transforming Encoders, Decryption, Encryption, Honey Encryption/decryption Algorithm, Hybrid Encryption, Symmetric Encryption. Abbreviations - CC, Cloud Computing; DTE, Distribution Transforming Encoders; HE, Honey Encryption;