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Evaluating the Structural Stability of 3D Printed Shelters in Jordan

Runoff, sand storms, high wind, and earthquake are natural events that control the movement of people within the country sometime and out of country in other oceans. The immigrated refugees would require a temporary shelter that have a basic survival tools such as steel frame, a roof, and floor mat. The refugee shelter in common play weak under natural event and therefore, the purpose of this paper is to compare the structural stability of 3D printed shelters to timber and steel shelters in Jordan. As the technology of three dimensional printing has developed enough to construct concrete houses within short period, high quality, and high strength. The paper has found that the 3D concrete mix is available in Jordan and have achieved very high compressive strength in comparison to traditional mixes. The 3D Printed shelter function better than the steel and timber shelter in resisting the column shear forces, as well as in the base reactions however it falls weaker in base shear forces, shear force on beams, column moments. The printed shelter found to be more stable under compression forces. Keywords - Natural Events, Structural Stability, 3D Printed Shelters, 3D Concrete Mix