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Elastic Surface Wave Propagation in Ground and Effectiveness of Trench Wave Barriers for Diminution of Vibrations: A Review

This State of the Art Paper consists of three parts. The first part of this report includes study of Elastic ground wave propagation. It includes study of nature of ground wave radiating from the source, various properties of soil (including dynamic properties) and influence of these properties during wave propagation. The second part covers wave barriers types used in the research work. It deals with results after investigations such as Theoretical and Experimental study carried out in past researches. The end part of the report focuses on recent advances in Vibration Isolation measures. The general purpose of the review is to formalize the screening effect of trench wave barriers and the specific purpose of the review is assign the screened region and reduction in amplitude within this region for different trench layouts to give a threshold trench size. Notations:  Mass density of elastic half space  Poisson‟s ratio f Frequency of elastic wave LR Rayleigh wavelength Ar Amplification reduction factor Wd Normalized depth of trench Ww Normalized width of trench VP Velocity of Primary waves VS Velocity of Shear waves VR Velocity of Rayleigh waves Keywords - Wave propagation, Vibration Isolation, Active isolation, Passive isolation, Rayleigh wave, Normalized depth, Normalized width, Trench Barrier and Efficiency of Screening