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A New Approach For Cloud Data Security: From Single To Cloud-Of-Clouds

In the corporate world, a large number of people store their data on clouds. For doing this they need to give their confidential data in the hands of the third party, commonly known as service providers. These cloud service providers cannot be trusted since the complete data is stored in one single cloud. This increases security risks to the user’s sensitive data. Due to this issue of data integrity risk and service availability failure, the concept of “Cloud-of-Clouds” comes into picture. Cloud-of-clouds are also known as “inter-clouds” or “multi-clouds”. Use of cloud-of-clouds provides a higher level of security to the user’s confidential data. The aim of this paper is to secure the user’s data by using cloud-of clouds. Keywords- Cloud Computing, Cloud-Of-Clouds, Inter-Clouds, Multi-Clouds, Security, Confidential Data, Data Integrity.