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Providing A Trustable Healthcare Cloud Using An Enhanced Accountability Framework

The cloud is a large group of interconnected computers that provides on-demand, self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. One promising application area for the cloud is in healthcare. An advantage of the healthcare cloud is it can be a tool that medical professionals use to coordinate amongst various medical departments, institutions, and other healthcare related businesses. This leads to the main challenge of the healthcare cloud: security and accountability of patients’ personal health records. Personal health care information is critical for effective medical treatment. However, privacy protection cannot be sacrificed in the name of efficiency. To overcome this problem, in this paper, we propose a trustable distributed accountability framework to control the user data (health records) distribution in the cloud. In particular, we propose an object-centric approach to automatically trigger an object to create a log record using dynamic binding between the user data and every access over the distributed data. The legitimacy of any medical professional who accesses the data can be verified by redirecting to a professional social networking website’s database and cross-checking with their account details and activity logs. A decentralized Log Manager maintains distributed log records generated for every user data and is also responsible for handling log file corruptions. We also design an automated Trusted Auditor to support the data owners to maintain and verify the corrupted log records