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Issues Faced By Banking Sector In The World Of Cloud-Based Computing To Achieve High Performance: A Survey

This paper presents issues faced by banking sector in the world of cloud-based computing. The computing industry is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way computing is performed worldwide. There is a growing awareness among consumers and enterprises to access their information technology (IT) resources extensively through a "utility" model, a development broadly called "cloud computing." Today’s ,the boom in cloud computing has brought lots of cost, efficiency, reliability, security, policies as key challenges for the banking sector to provide better service for their customer. In this talk we consider the issues that need to be addressed first before making the move to the cloud. Testing and researching cloud environment and are intensely interested in seeing what cloud concepts might accomplish for their banking and finance industry. In addition this paper take a look to the some open issues related to cloud platform e.g. deployment, elasticity and mobility.