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An Approach To Verify Integrity For User Data In Multi-Cloud Storage With Its Data Availability

In today’s era Cloud computing become such an advance technique which is used to store data from various resources by the user. It implies a service oriented architecture through offering software’s and platforms as services, reduced information technology overhead for the end-user, great flexibility, reduced total cost of ownership, on demand services and many other things. A cloud is a pool of virtualized computer resources. It is difficult for the user to store entire data within the system; therefore clouds are formed to store the user data. User can store as much large amount of the data as user wants. This data stored in the cloud must be integrated, the integrity of the data is thus has to be checked and maintain with the help of Trusted third party. Only trusted third party has the authority to check and to maintain theintegrity f the data. The main approach of this paper is to check the integrity of the data stored and to maintain the security by using cryptography method.