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Business Model Based On A Separate Encryption & Decryption Services For Cloud Computing

Now a day’s the various Enterprises , companies, users storing there data on cloud. This paper aims to introduce the problems and challenges concerned with the presently used cloud computing services, which is based on a merged encryption/decryption services with storage devices & for solution to this problem we are designing a business model. This business model contain the three sub models as encryption/decryption services , storage devices with CRM services (Customer Relationship Management).In existing cloud computing services, the data will be stored in storage provided by service providers. Service providers must have a standardized way to protect their clients’ data, especially to prevent the data from disclosure by unauthorized insiders. Storing the data in encrypted form is a common method of information privacy protection. If a cloud system is responsible for both tasks on storage and encryption/decryption of data, the Storage system administrators may simultaneously obtain encrypted data and decryption keys. This allows them to access information without authorization and thus poses a risk to information privacy. In such cases there need to separate the encryption/decryption services from storage devices to divide the authority of storage management dept which blocks the Storage system administrators for disclosure of users data.