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Enhanced Attacked Packet Detection Algorithm For Detecting Dos Attack In Vanet

Vanet is an ad hoc network of independent nodes moving freely in the network and coordinated by the RSU(Roadside Units) . Each node in the network represents vehicle, for instance car, provided with individual OBU (onboard unit) to communicate with other nodes. The nodes move in the dynamic network covering the range of 100 to 300 meters to connect to each other and form wireless network. It has become the key component of Intelligent Transportation System(ITS). Several renowned automobile companies endorse this term. In Vanet, communication scenario can be V2V or V2I. Such a dynamic set-up is prone to various security attacks such as Wormhole attack, Blackhole attack, Denial of Service attack. To ensure the safety of vehicles, availability is enormously needed to communicate safety messages to and from the RSU. In this paper we proposed Enhanced Attacked Packet Detection Algorithm (EAPDA) which is used to verify and detect the malicious nodes creating DOS attack. Simulation results using NS2 shows improved false positive rate and throughput along with minimized delay thus enhancing the security. Index Terms— VANET, EAPDA, Denial of Service attack.