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Internet of Things and Cloud Computing in Medical Monitoring Systems

With the fast development of cloud computing and computer science technology, the combination of the IOT and clod computing in the medical-assisted environment is urgently needed. The prior research focus more on individual development of the single technique, quite a less research on the field of medical monitoring and managing service application have been conducted. Therefore, in this paper, we study and analyze the application of cloud computing and the Internet of Things on the field of medical environment. We are trying to make the combination of the two kinds of technology monitoring and management information system in hospital. Remote monitoring cloud platform architecture model (RMCPA) set up medical information in the first place. Then the RMCPA architecture was analyzed. Eventually, the last effective PSOSAA algorithm proposed the hospital medical information service cloud system monitoring and management application. Experimental simulation illustrates that the proposed algorithm outperforms the other state-of-theart algorithms. Further potential research areas are discussed. Keywords- Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IOT), Medical Monitoring; Big Data; Theoretical Analysis