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A Framework for Cloud Computing Adoption for South African Public Sector

The adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions offer several potentials for most organizations such as enabling effectiveness, efficiency, competitive advantage, among others. The South African (SA) government has been exploiting several ICT solutions adoption in the drive for efficiencies in service delivery. As such, the SA government adopted Open Source Software (OSS) with the aim to reduce IT services cost, less dependencies on imported technology, skills, and flexibility. However, there was less success reported in achieving this aim due to OSS implementation challenges such as support, funding, training, awareness and human factors. In the midst of the OSS challenges, Cloud Computing is the latest phenomena that promises better potentials especially ICT cost reduction, effectiveness and efficiency of IT services. Therefore, this paper explores the feasibility of Cloud Computing adoption in SA government as cost effective approach for ICT services. To achieve this, quantitative research methods were used in a case study of Department of Social Development, where data was collected using questionnaires. The Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) was employed as the underpinning theory that guided the study. Key findings reveal that Cloud Computing solution promise to be a cost effective approach for ICT services. The study recommended a framework for Cloud Computing adoption in South African public sector. Index Terms- Cloud Computing, ICT in public sector, Innovation, Open Source Software.