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Profit- Function Of Two-Unit Dissimilar Cold Standby System With Erlang-K Failure Time Distribution Subject To Fluctuations In Temperatures

In Reliability Engineering literature most of the authors have taken failure time distribution as exponential. In the present paper we have taken two-dissimilar unit cold standby system with failure time distribution as Erlang-K with general repair time distributions. The Role of temperature under which the system operates plays significant role on its working. We are considering system under (i) mild temperature and (ii) steep high temperature causing different phase type Erlang-K failure time distribution requiring different types of repair facilities. Using semi Markov regenerative point technique we have calculated different reliability characteristics such as MTSF, reliability of the system, availability analysis in steady state, busy period analysis of the system under repair, expected number of visits by the repairman in the long run and profit- function. Special case by taking failure and repair as exponential have been derived and graphs are drawn.