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Video Recorder Design Utilizing Smartphone in Surgery Setting

A special skill is required to perform surgical process. Lack of skills and experience of a surgeon could potentially lead to high risks, such as bleeding, tissue damage, and post operation complication. To improve the surgeon’s skills and quality to minimize the risks, direct and indirect learning are required. Surgical learning through video recording is an indirect form of learning, based on real cases and conditions. The advantages of this technique are easier to learn, availability of various cases, and can be played back if needed. The video can be used as a medium for sharing experiences among surgeons to improve their skill and service quality in doing surgical procedure. The recording can also be used as an evaluation material to improve the health services quality. Nowadays, smartphone has a good camera quality and can be used as a documentation tool in the operating room. To produce an ideal recording, where the objects and surgical processes are recorded in a complete manner, a combination of three points of view is needed. The first and second point of view are obtained from the smartphone placed on the surgeon's and surgical assistant forehead. The purpose of this placement is to record the process of a surgical object from a doctor's point of view. The third point of view is placed on the roof of the operating room to see the overall surgical activity. The recording configuration of the three smartphones can be controlled using IP Protocol via PC or laptop computer. Application IPWebcam on Android is used to connect smartphones and PC via WiFi protocol for video streaming purpose. The results obtained from using those smartphones are combined to provide a more comprehensive process of the whole surgical activities that help surgeons to get better understanding. It yields that operator who operates all systems has significant contribution on success rate of the system. Keywords - Smartphone, Surgery, Video recording.