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Heart Rate Sport Monitoring on Chest, Upper Arm, and Wrist

The human heart is a very important vital organ. The function of heart greatly affects the health of the human body as a whole. Therefore, maintaining heart health should be done. One simple way to improve the heart health is by exercising on a regular basis with appropriate intensity. In order to fulfill the proper frequency and intensity of exercise, people need to know their heart’s condition before exercising, during exercising, and right after exercising. It aims not to push themselves and know their maximum heart rate. There are two important factors that can determine the heart condition, the heart rate and the oxygen saturation. Every human being has different pulse and oxygen levels affected by some external factors, such as age, sex, and others. If the pulse and oxygen levels correspond to these factors, then the heart condition can be classified healthy and the exercise is already done at the right frequency and intensity. The measurement of pulse and oxygen levels can be performed in many ways. In medical field, a heart condition monitor is done using an ECG or Pulse Oximeter. Some advanced technologies such as smart watch can also be used to determine the heart rate and oxygen saturation levels. In addition to the expensive price, these tools have limited usage. They cannot be worn at multiple positions. In this final project, the author will utilize the pulse oximeter and heart rate sensor into a minimum Arduino system. This system is made simple, so it can be worn comfortably at multiple positions while exercising. In addition, the measurement results will provide feedback of other categories of sports that can be done by the future user. Keywords - Heart Rate monitoring, IoT platform, minimum system, sport setting, bio-signal data collection.