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Enhanced Oil Extraction From Palm Fruit Mesocarp Using Technical Enzymes

The application enzymatic pre-treatment for processing of palm fruit mesocarp was investigated. The results of this project have shown that enzymatic treatment is a suitable method for extraction of oil from palm fruit mesucarp. Not only the enzyme concentration and enzymatic treatment time, but also the applied enzyme type (cellulose, pectinase, and mixture of enzymes) were important for oil extraction from palm mesocarp and decreasing the remaining pressed pulp. Increasing the cellulsae enzyme concentration (treatment for 4h, 50 C) from 0.05% to 0.15% (w/w fresh sample) decreased rapidly the remaining pressed pulp from about 18 % to about 13%. In addition, was the oil yield of enzyme pretreated samples higher than untreated or thermal treated samples. Whereas the extracted oil for untreated samples was less than 75% was the extracted oil for cellulase enzyme treated sample distinct higher (88, 89, and 95 % for 0.05, 0.1 and 0.15% cellulase enzyme concentration respectively). Pectinase enzyme showed less effect on increasing the extracted oil compare to cellulase enzyme. Up to about 88% extracted oil was observed for sample treated with 0.15 % pectinase enzyme. In general were the values for free fatty acid and peroxide value of enzymatic treated samples in the range of acceptable value for crude palm oil. Keywords- Palm Processing, Technical Enzymes, Oil Yield, Oil Quality.