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Threshold Pump Field Nature for Plasmon-Acoustical Phonon Mode made Optical Modulation in Case of Magnetized Diffusive Semiconductors

Through this paper, a theoretical formulation is found by following the numerical estimations to studythreshold pump field nature for plasmon-acoustical phonon mode made optical modulation in case of magnetized diffusive semiconductors. As the induced nonlinear current density related to the medium is responsible for the nonlinear interaction.The expression for total third order susceptibility is calculated by assuming that the modulation phenomenon is four wave parametric interaction phenomenon. The equation for threshold pump fieldis derived for modulation process by considering third order susceptibility. The numerical calculations part is made for n-InSb-CO2 system, which further shows the presence of diffusion because of charge carriers,threshold pump field value can be changed by taking the material parameters and applied magnetic field externally. Outcomesgained by this study are very nearby to the experimental results.Through this study we can arrived at the importance of magnetized semiconductors for the fabrication of efficient optical modulator using n-InSb-CO2 system. Keywords - Diffusive semiconductors, Magnetic field, Nonlinear optics,Optical modulation, Threshold pump field.